Sub-project 1: Basic Research

Sub-project 1: Exploration of experiences, possibilities, dilemmas and challenges in the work with vulnerable children’s deviation from normality as a potential resource in their further development.

The research is conducted through individual qualitative interviews and explorative workshops with 30 currently and former placed children and youth (of whom some are adults today), as well as with 15 professionals within this field. The interviewees are found by using the ‘snowball-method’.

The focus in the interviews will be on the participants’ experiences as well as their visions for how the work with children can be improved to a greater extent by both acknowledging and taking one’s starting point in the children’s potentials and, at the same time, taking care of these children’s special needs.      

Moreover the research is conducted through a literature review, which aim to establish a systematic and valid foundation on which the project is positioned in the scientific field. The review will be presenting the scientific results of the project. It will be used in the development project and later as communication to other practioners about how the project is a continuation of existing ways of thinking and working, but also how the project is innovative. Finally the purpose of the review is to find examples, which, with examples from interviews and workshops, can specify and contribute to the further development of the projects methodological approach to the social work with the kids/adolescents. The review can be found and read here (unfortunately the review only exists in Danish).

Finally, a research workshop will be held with participation of Danish and international researchers with expertise in the field of vulnerable children and youth and different-oriented management, learning and coaching. Based on a presentation of the aim of the project and the first results from the explorative research, the participating researchers will be asked on the one hand to think alongside the researchers from the project and on the other hand to play the devil’s advocate in terms of theory development and the initial ideas on concrete methods. This will contribute to both the creative thinking as well as a quality control of the findings

Sub-project 1 will run from September 2012 up to and including November 2013.

The project is directed by project manager Hanne Warming and researcher Signe Fjordside. In addition, student assistants Kristine Lagoni, Manon Lavaud and Benjamin Schwarz will also be working on this project.