About us

Hanne Warming – Project Manager


Hanne is professor in Social Science with a special focus on ‘children’s lives, participation and citizenship in a globalised society’ at the Department of Society and Globalisation at Roskilde University. Hanne has conducted research in the area of childhood studies for several years, including children’s everyday lives as well as the social and pedagogic work with children and youth. The main focus has been on the children and youth’s own experiences, attitudes and perspective and has often been conducted in collaboration with practitioners, organisations and administrative units within this field.

Read more about Hanne’s research here.

Signe Fjordside – Ph.D. student


Signe holds a Master’s degree in ‘Social Science’ and ‘Educational Studies’ from Roskilde University (2010). Signe has been a part of this project since the starting-up in autumn 2012; the first couple of years as a research assistant and since July 2014 as a Ph.D. student. In her Ph.D. she studies how the implementation of the project’s new approach to social work with children and young people in vulnerable life situations is enabled or restrained, respectively, by the organisational settings, logics and practices.
Signe’s main field of interest is research and social work with vulnerable children and young people – more specifically developing and testing participatory and empowerment oriented activities. Signe has previously been employed at the National Council for Children, where she worked with participation and involvement of children and young people.

Read more about Signe’s research here.

Manon Lavaud – Ph.D. student


Manon holds a Master’s degree in ‘Social Sciences’ and ‘Cultural Encounters’ from Roskilde University (2013). She has been a part of this project since the fall of 2012; first as a student assistant, later as a researcher and now as a Ph.D. student. In her Ph.D.-project she follows 15 children and young adults and examines how the way other people meet them affect the way they see themselves, and if this change during the development project. Her Ph.D. is an integrated part of this projects’ follow-up research.
In general Manon has an interest for social work and vulnerable groups’ participation in society. She is experienced in working with both qualitative and quantitative methods, and has also been a part of the project ‘Trust in social work with children’, led by Hanne Warming.

Read more about Manon’s research here.

Sara Romme Rasmussen – Student Assistant


Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Social Science’ Roskilde University (2015). As a student assistant on this research project she is responsible for the website.

Rosa Haumark Carlsen – Student Assistant
Rosa holds a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Social Science’ and ‘Educational Studies’ from Roskilde University (2015). As a Student Assistant she is responsible for the website.