Sub-project 3: Follow-up research

 The aim of the follow-up research is to contribute to a systematic gathering of experiences, partly as a launch-pad for continuous reflection and development of the method from sub-project 2, and partly for the purpose of final analysis, reporting and dissemination of the experiences to a wider public (politicians, practitioners that did not participate in the project, as well as the general public).

The follow-up research consists of a quantitative study of all involved cases, as well as an in-depth case study of 24 cases.

The quantitative study will be completed through questionnaires send out to the involved practitioners (caseworkers, family care advisers, social workers) at the start-up of a case and again two years after asking about the child’s/youth’ challenges and resources. The final questionnaire will also include indicators about and evaluation of the specific development.

The in-depth case study consists of an analysis of case files and qualitative interviews with the child/youth, foster parent/care assistant, supervisor and caseworker, with a total of 96 interviews.

Subproject 3 will be carried out from March 2014 up to and including August 2017. Dissemination of the results will continue after the end of the project.

The project is conducted by Project Manager Hanne Warming, Ph.D. Student Signe Fjordside, Ph.D. Student Manon Lavaud and Student Assistants Sara Romme Rasmussen and Rosa Haumark Carlsen.