Jonas Sekyere

The night before Saturday 17th of November 2012 Jonas Sekyere lost his life under tragic circumstances.

Jonas was the initiator of this project `Deviation as a potential resource’. He was a former foster child and is one of the children who did well in spite of everything. It was his wish to use his own experience to develop and improve social work, so that vulnerable children and youth to a greater extent are met with recognition and support in order to realise and develop their special competences.

It was his thought-provoking article about his own story in the Danish newspaper Politiken 2nd of July 2011 that was the first step on the road to the fulfilment of this research project.

Jonas was an amazingly committed and inspiring person and we had looked a lot forward to working with him. He will be missed by all.

Our thoughts and compassion go to his family and friends in this difficult time.