Sub-project 2: Development project

Sub-project 2 focuses on developing, testing and further developing a method for systematical recognition and support of children’s resources and competences. The development of the method, as well as delimitation of the target group, is based on the initial results from the basic research (sub-project 1) and techniques for creative and varied thinking, for example the ‘Turn upside down exercise’ and De Bono’s Thinking Hats. 

Testing and developing of the method are conducted in cooperation with two 24-hour care centers and two municipalities’ family care departments. The project opens with an introductory seminar to the method supplemented with an introduction to the underlying theories (such as resource orientation, a break with normality as both aim and means, which are all closely linked to the new childhood research). Moreover, half-yearly reflection days with exchange of experiences and inputs from Sub-project 1 (Basic research) and Sub-project 3 (follow-up research) will be held.  

In addition, a more intensive course with supervision will be held for twenty foster parents during Spring 2015.

Subproject 2 will be carried out from March 2014 up to and including December 2016.

The project is conducted by Project Manager Hanne Warming and PhD Students Signe Fjordside and Manon Lavaud.